Compensate the CO₂ emissions of your new bag


As a sustainable fashion brand, we are constantly improving our impact on the environment. We promote fair fashion by using carefully selected sustainable materials for our collection. And through long term relationships with our fair trade production partners. However, we think that we can take this one step further. Because, what about the CO₂ emissions that are produced during the production process and the transport of our MYoMY bags?


To limit CO₂ emissions we partnered up with the company Co₂ok. To share their mission with others they started a service which makes it possible to make your purchase climate neutral.

By adding the Co₂ok button to our webshop, we are consciously committed to reducing the emissions of our products and we hope to encourage our customers to make their purchase climate neutral.


When you order a bag or accessory in the MYoMY webshop, the CO2ok button will be displayed in your shopping cart. With this button you can make your purchase climate neutral. When you choose this option, you pay a small extra amount upon purchase. This is about 2% of the total costs and is entirely voluntary. This amount will only be added to the total amount to be paid if you tick the box. The extra amount you pay, will be used to finance projects that prevent climate change, invest in sustainable energy and reduce CO₂ emissions.


Certified partners of CO₂ok, Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund, finance projects that focus on durable energy and CO₂-emission reduction. This is for example linked to the sustainable usage of energy (wind, water, sun and gas). In so doing, developing countries receive a chance to cook in a clean way by using biogas or coffee farmers benefit from reforestation.

But how do we know how much CO₂ and other greenhouse gases are emitted during the production and transport of your purchase? And how do we calculate how much money it will cost you to compensate for this? To estimate how much you should contribute to climate neutral shopping, CO₂ok has calculated the average costs for CO₂ compensation per product in relation to the price of the product.

Help fight climate change by making your purchases climate neutral! Shop CO₂ neutral.

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