Curious how your MYOMY bag is made? Meet the maker of your bag! They want to meet you too! This year the winner of the MYOMY positive icons movement is going to Kolkata, India to actually see the making process with her own eyes. Do you want to know how your bag is made? Watch the making process in various ways. Follow this blog that provides you with exclusive information about the India trip 2019. This way you know all about the trip to India and you can see the footage for yourself.

MYOMY stands for transparency and at the same time proud to show you how each and every bag is made by hand. In India this is with her Fairtrade partner CRC; whom we will meet and visit. Not only the winner of the Positive Icons movement is seeing all those incredible things, you too! We have got many pictures and videos from India where you can see how the making process actually is. Next year in March 2019 we will update all this footage because we are going again, and you are part of it! This time we will go with the winner of the Positive Icons movement, together with professionals from the fashion industry.

MYOMY wants to give the winner of the Positive Icons movement a full experience. So, the winner will go together with MYOMY and professionals from the fashion industry to CRC’s workplace, where the bags are made; to the leather tannery to show the process of how to make environmentally friendly leather and to Colores de Calcutta, where we can see how girls from a difficult background manage to get an education for a successful future. Isn’t it odd and spectacular at the same time that you actually see the making process? However, we will see so much more! Another blog post will be dedicated to the things the winner and MYOMY are going to do in India.

At Friday October 19th, there was a meeting at MYOMY’s Headquarters with all the ten Positive Icons of the months. Together we talked about the MYOMY and her missions and about the trip to India. After that the nominees received an assignment, the last step to complete the giveaway. This last assignment will determine who will be the winner and will go to India.

The honored Positive Icons were really excited for the trip. During the meeting there was a lot of laughter. As all the nominees are outstanding personalities and very sweet people; the hardest thing for MYOMY will be that only one person can come and bring a partner!

Curious what they have to do and who wins? Stay tuned for the next blog post where you will hear all about the winner and what she had to do.

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