From waste to MYoMY designer bag

MYoMY - the circle bag collection

Meet our brand new MY CIRCLE BAG collection that cleans up our world in style, as the bags are made from discarded plastic bottles. The outcome are light, sporty and practical on the go musthaves in a high-quality canvas. Four designs for different moments and occasions. 

The bestsellers of MY HOME BAG and MY PHILIP BAG from the mens collection are also released in this new sustainable material.

Did you know? The MY CIRCLE BAG bags recycle about 6 to 36 plastic bottles a bag. Until now we saved 224.760 bottles from landfill!

The recycled PET material is created in collaboration with Waste2Wear® with the aim to make a positive impact. Together we clean out waste by giving it a new purpose, eliminating the need for new yarn production. The collection shows that ethical design and circular materials go together beautifully in a transparent and circular way, with the result that for every meter of fabric 22 bottles are taken away from nature and can no longer harm the environment.

“We believe in a fair world where we strengthen each other. By collaborating with Waste2Wear® we can both share our knowledge and increase our positive impact. Together we can create a chain of empowerment.” – Marja Baas (Founder & Director of MYoMY)

Waste2Wear® is a frontrunner in sustainable textiles and develops fabrics and textile products from recycled plastic waste. By focusing on innovation, the company challenges the fashion and textile industry to be a force for good, while bringing positive environmental impact and social change through circular economy solutions. We collaborate with partners to transform waste into resources for great new products. Together we create more impact.

MYoMY - the circle bag collection
MYoMY - the circle bag collection