MYoMY goes circular

MYoMY - the circle bag collection


MYoMY’s MY CIRCLE BAG collection cleans up our world in style.

With MYoMY’s brand new MY CIRCLE BAG collection MYoMY takes the next step into conscious sourcing. Introducing a high summer collection with bags that are light, sporty and practical on the go must-haves, in a high-quality Waste2Wear® canvas made from discarded plastic waste bottles. Per bag 6 up to 36 waste bottles are used. Until now 224.760 bottles have been saved from landfill.

MYoMY X Waste2Wear® 

MYoMY and Waste2Wear® have joined forces with the aim of sharing knowledge and making a greater positive impact together. The collection shows that ethical design and circular materials go together beautifully in a transparent way. 

MY CIRCLE BAG collection

Within the MYoMY collection you will find the new MY CIRCLE BAG series, but also bestsellers from the men collections: MY HOME BAG and MY PHILIP BAG.  The MY CIRCLE BAG collection consists of 4 styles in the colours sand and blue. The different designs reflect characteristic design elements, such as the regularly returning circle which symbolizes the circular recycling process in which plastic waste has been turned into a useful end-product. The MYoMY signature is translated into playful handles and is recognizable in the strong yet elegant lining. As no leather is used, the collection is the perfect fit for the vegan oriented among us. 

About Waste2Wear® 

Waste2Wear® (2008) was founded by the Dutch textile engineer Monique Maissan. Currently the company is operating in more then 9 countries and has more than 80 employees. Waste2Wear creates from post consumer plastics innovative 100% recycled environmentally friendly fabrics. Waste2Wear® has strategic partnerships across the entire value chain and can guarantee total transparency. The company operates with the strong conviction that collaborations such as MYoMY are key to createpositive impact on the planet and the communities.

MYoMY - the circle bag collection
MYoMY - the circle bag collection

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