MYOMY production trip Bangladesh and India

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MYOMY production trip Bangladesh and India

Curious about how our newest High Winter 2019/2020 collection is made and where the MYOMY bags come from? In February 2019, Marja (Founder and CEO), Eric (CCO) and Elise (Coordinator Sustainable production and collections) met with our two production partners, Leatherina in Bangladesh and the Craft Resource Center in India. The MYOMY team visits them several times a year to co-develop new collections and to make adjustments in the production process on site. This gives us opportunities to bond with our partners.

Our colleague Elise will take you on a journey to Bangladesh and India.

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Taslima Miji (Founder Leatherina) and Eric, Marja en Elise (MYOMY do goods)

Visiting Dhaka

Our trip begins in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where a visit was scheduled to meet our partner Leatherina. Taslima Miji (founder of Leatherina) shows us their new workplace, which the craftsmen are very happy with. Together with our partners we continuously strive for optimisation while applying the 10 WFTO-principles of fair trade. MYOMY is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization. This is a global community of like-minded fairtrade companies that are committed to fairtrade all over the world.

Similar to the daily meeting at our MYOMY office in Naarden-Vesting, Leatherina starts with a brief group meeting. During this meeting the daily goals are discussed. Taslima coordinates the work in the factory and consults with me about possible adjustments, when necessary. Thanks to our close cooperation, we can quickly adapt to produce the perfect bag, made of the highest quality leather.

Leather tannery improvements

The next stop is the leather tannery where the new High Winter 2019/2020 collection is discussed. New types of leathers and colours are being demonstrated that can be used for the Summer 2020 collection. This gives us so much inspiration in designing the new collections.

The tannery has implemented many improvements for both the employees and the environment. As an example, the director of the tannery proudly informed us that he foresees a breakthrough in making an autonomous water purification system. This may sound very obvious to us, but until now very dependent on the government. If a water purification system comes into place, a Leather Working Group certification in Bangladesh is really close by. We try to assist the tannery in realising this ambition.

The latest changes to the High Winter 2019/2020 collection are also discussed. The samples are developed and approved on site, while ambitious circular plans for the future are discussed. The next day, our journey continues to India.

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Textile and haberdashery innovations

After arriving in India we visit our production partner Craft Resource Center (CRC) in the city of Kolkata. It is always a great pleasure to see all the people at the office, many with who we have a lot of contact by e-mail or phone. At CRC we discuss the latest innovations, in particular possible adjustments to the lining and zippers. The latest ideas for the Summer 2020 collection are also finalized. The talented craftsmen with whom we work are incredible skillful. It never ceases to amaze me to see a bag come to life after countless sketches and brainstorming sessions.

Sustainable treatments

The leather tannery that is affiliated with CRC is Gold Rated certified by the Leather Working Group. This is the highest possible rating which means that they achieved maximum scores on every sustainability level. A great example of such a sustainable treatment is that our skins are dried by the sun in a natural way. The leather of the High Winter 2019/2020 collection is already in the tannery. It looks very promising and we can’t wait to see the results.

Leather treatment | MYOMY do goods

After a busy week full of inspiration, we return home. Although we are all very tired, the improvements in the production proces and the warm welcome in India and Bangladesh always give us a boost of energy. I am confident that the upcoming collection will look even better than expected!

Together with our partners, we can make a better and more sustainable world. And this makes us feel proud!



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