MYOMY, the company that’s run by a wereldwijf


De Wereldwijven (translated as ‘world wives’ in English) is focusing on companies that are run by wereldwijven, situated in the Netherlands and abroad. These women always work with passion through compassion, with an eye on the world around them. MYOMY’s founder Marja Baas was named as one of these wereldwijven.

De Wereldwijven is a storytelling platform run by more than 155 Dutch speaking women. They are living and working all around the globe. Sharing honest stories that broaden your view of what’s going on in the world.


Marja Baas has been interviewed by Wereldwijf Ingeborg. “Marja Baas started Fashion House MYOMY do goods in 2007. The company designs sustainable leather bags and accessories, inspired by iconic designs from everyday life, with a mission to do good. Their first design was the famous MY PAPER BAG – the sustainable alternative for the world famous brown paper bag.” Read more about how MYOMY started, our World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) guarantee and the MYOMY community.

This Friday, October 25th, the second event of De Wereldwijven takes place. This time the event will be all about companies run by wereldwijven. The location is A Beautiful Mess, the restaurant of the Refugee company in the old Bijlmer jail in Amsterdam.


Every day a good story, a beautiful portrait and a fascinating video. De Wereldwijven stays far away from sensation and click-bates. Because less is more! They create content on a higher level for their online platform about their own world and that of the women around them. De Wereldwijven believes that story telling inspires, connects and moves people to make a difference in the position of girls and women throughout the world. A tolerant, sustainable and gender-equal society!

MYOMY also believes strongly in the empowerment of women. And the improvement of the position of girls and woman globally is very important to us. We are a company with mostly female employees. One of the biggest ambitions, for example in Bangladesh, is to empower female employees from Dhaka’s slums. Our partner Leatherina provides on-the-job training in their production unit. In so doing, women learn to earn their own income: to become more independent.

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