Our Community

Together with our community we are able to really make a change and strengthen
every person who wears or works with MYOMY do goods.

Our Designers

Each bag starts with a unique story. MYOMY do goods is all about changing perspectives. We find it important that our designs have a special twist. This is why our designs are always inspired by objects that derive from our shared world. From sports to paper bags. With every bag our designers turn an iconic object into a sustainable edition. This makes every bag unique and this is what we refer to as ‘sustainable design with a twist’.

Our Wearers

We believe that everyone who wears MYOMY do goods contributes to our do good mission, by choosing fair trade and sustainable design. By sharing the stories of our positive icons, we hope to inspire our customers to wear MYOMY items with pride and share their personal story of doing good too. What makes you a Positive Icon? Join our mission and share your personal story with the world

Producing Partners

We work closely with our fair trade supplier CRC in India, Leatherina in Bangladesh and i-did in The Netherlands. Together we support our producing partner. We take natural production processes and the development of our producing partners very seriously. That is why we enable our producing partners to develop their talents and empower them to live a healthy life. Supporting our producers who take good care of their talented artisans is part of our do good mission.

Retailing Partners

We are grateful that our retailing partners inspire their customers to make sustainable choices with great MYOMY designs. Having MYOMY do goods in your store is about much more than just a collection of bags. It’s about sharing the story of our mission to do good. That’s why our retail partners are an important voice to our customers and design lovers from all around the world

Our Team

We are thankful for the true passion behind the mission we are working on. Our team is at the heart of the MYOMY do goods mission. It’s every single individual in our team that makes the brand come to life and the story spark. Together we take our shared mission to a higher level. Get to know the positive icons that are working on this impact mission of doing good globally.