Gwendolyn Timmermans – Sales operation manager MYOMY do goods

I believe that as a child you are free in your reasoning, not stopped or influenced by others. Often, I try tot think back to the ideas, dreams, fantasies and wishes I had as a little girl. One memory that really helps me in my daily activities is one about my dolls family. I used to collect Shelleys – little children-Barbie dolls, but I also owned two big Barbie dolls. To me it completely made sense: the Shelleys lived in a big orphanage and the Barbie dolls took care of them like they were their parents. I didn’t discriminate against any of them. They were all part of the family. The “real problems” in the world keep me very busy, and I find it very important to help others. Last year I went to Greece to help at a refugee camp. My goal to help other people can sometimes become sort of an obsession. I am very competitive and I find it important to push myself to the extreme. I can completely lose myself in this. Then I find myself worrying about problems on the other side of the world, while sometimes overlooking that the people in my own surroundings could use some extra attention as well. I am definitely trying to find a balance, but, for me, this is not always easy.