My place of birth is of great historical importance. This is where the British started their journey of setting up a British empire in India. This significant part of history influenced me to be a real warrior in life, that knows how to face life’s challenges.

I know the aches of poverty from a very young age. After dropping out from school, I managed to get a job in a leather unit near Kolkata where I worked for 17 years. It lacked proper working conditions, working hours easily exceeded the eight hours a day and overtime payment was dependent on the sweet will of the workshop’s owner. Me and my family went through lots of hardships, while living in the city. This was also due to irregular payment. The silver lining behind the hardships was the rich experience I gained in leather fabrication.

Now, at CRC’s leather workplace I can enjoy being part of a production process that is smoothly culminating towards the ideal stage of production. I learnt to plan my finances and could offer my children education at the best school of the village. They want to become engineers, to run their agro-business in Plassy. When I have saved a decent amount of money, I dream to go back to my native village. There I want to start a brand new chapter in my life. Where I can enjoy the warmth of my family and live a tension free life.