I was together with my childhood sweetheart a while before we got married at the age of 18. After our marriage, he turned out to be a different man. The other side of his character was unknown to me. I became an easy object of domestic violence. I raised protest against his infidelity and other vices and fled. When I went back to my parents’ home, I found the doors of their house closed for me. This was where I was once born and grew up with love and care.

It couldn’t deter me. My gritty journey of life had just begun. I decided to go to a close friend whose parents agreed to give me shelter. This friend inspired me to get a degree in hand, which made me eligible for the job market. I could not find the words to thank her. I knew my path of life would be different from now on. I immediately needed a job that would give me independence and courage to face the difficult world we live in. I came to work at CRC’s leather workplace as an artisan. There’s a famous quote of Albert Einstein I always remember, in hard times like these. “I am thankful for all those who said “no”. Because of them, I did it myself”.

My skills in leather work are getting better every day. I hope that CRC will receive steady orders from exporters. This brings along better economic prospects for all involved and leads us towards a life that we can live in dignity and honour. My dream is to have a small roof above my head. Here I could relax, while listening to music and reading after my long days of work.