I have a different perspective on the world than most people around me. I am looking for the wonder of things in everyday life. I try to bring normal things together, consciously or unconsciously, until something new gets created. This mostly happens unexpectedly. Within that combination, extra meaning or a story arises. This is often a coincidental, but also logical combination. Sometimes with a touch of humor.

When I was young, I had a serious accident. Afterwards, I realized all too well that I was still alive. The fact that I survived because of others, taught me to put things in perspective. Learning to enjoy every day and the apparent simplicity of it. The endless magnificence of it all. This made me realize what is truly important. This marvel ensures that everything in this world, and outside it, can inspire me.

I realize more and more what is truly important. What I need as a designer is constructive thinking and complementing the spirit of our times. Observing is important. I observe everyday life, the apparent meaningless things in it. This comes back in my MYOMY designs. I want to help others to put things in perspective and take them with me in my amazement. This is part of who I am. My astonishment expresses itself in small things, like the placement of an object in a room. Other people notice this at a later time. They appreciate me for my inventiveness. That’s how my true self comes to the light.
Ramón Middelkoop – Designer MYOMY do goods