As the eldest among my parents’ two daughters, I am currently in my mid-twenties. I was raised in a semi-urban surrounding. The example of my mother working, created the urge for me to start searching for a job too. This could create additional income and would help my family break through the aches of poverty. In my view there are absolutely no essential differences between men and women, beyond the biological ones.

I worked for eight years in the leather unit near my house. Here, nothing seemed to move into the right direction. The irregular payments and unequal treatment of artisans by the management left many bad memories. I gathered experience and I ventured to reach Kolkata. This city would offer me relatively more employment opportunities than the small village. I came across CRC’s leather workplace in the southern fringe of the city and enrolled myself as a packer. I was thankful for the opportunity I got at CRC. In my current position, I can enjoy my job under fair and good conditions, without having to be afraid of discriminating practices.

I would never forget my promise to my younger sister, who wanted to become a school teacher after her studies. My parents almost reached the age of retirement. They slowly get older and are not able to do their jobs like they did before. Life is a continuous struggle. But I foresee a better future for me and my family along with all my co-workers at CRC. A robust health of the organization and sustainability of work are two humble desires. For this I pray every day, before I go to sleep.