I know a girl, who was fourteen and had no family nor a home at the time. She had to learn how to be an adult while being too young of age. She succeeded without any help. Because one day, on a summer afternoon, she met an older couple. One of them told her that everything would be okay at some point, even though it would’t be at just the right time, as she wished it to be.
This couple became her own, chosen family and they helped her like she was one of their own children. Now she knows what loving is and what good people are truly capable of. She learned how to treat people as family even though she didn’t really had one in the first place. Be kind and have an open attitude for everything in life. If you keep fighting for everything you want, it’ll fall to place eventually. Most important is to be kind and help another soul, even though it can carry a risk in it.
Today, I’m 21 and smiling everyday. I’m trying by best as hard as I can, because; everything will have a good ending. That is what I believe and what my family taught me when I was fourteen. And this is what I will teach the world.

Amy Chevira