Marja Baas – Founder MYOMY do goods
I love beauty. The discovery of the inner and outer beauty of people, art, design, handwork and nature makes me happy. And, I think that with everything one does, one can make a
contribution to a better world. No matter how small. This is why I started MYOMY and this is why MYOMY puts a smile on my face every day.
I wanted to do something which would not only serve my own small surroundings but also a broader cause, and in a commercial way, so it would have a longer lasting, sustainable effect for all people involved. From this, the idea of MYOMY arose. MYOMY offers me the opportunity to create impact on the long term. We are building a showcase with beautiful designer products and hope to inspire other people and businesses with the way we do business. I could not bear it if actions I take would only benefit me and would harm another person. Like in Rana Plaza, I cannot grasp that. With whatever you do, there is a possiblity to benefit more that just yourself. I love that.
I always trust on my intuition, whatever happens. It’s my inner compass that guides me and lets me know when something is right or wrong. This mostly happens unconsciously.
Wise woman Irani Sen once told me “Have faith, my dear”. And this is what I do every single day. What needs to happen, will happen. “I believe in a wonderful and inspiring Positive Icons Movement that loves to combine beautiful designs with the fairtrade mission. Do you share these values? You are invited to join!”