When I was young, I was no different from other children. Playing football and cricket in the fields with my friends, climbing fruit trees of the villagers or happily sitting on the top branches. Those were my favorite past times. One day, an attack of high fever took a toll on my health. It kept coming back, while remaining undiagnosed. Absence of good hospitals or qualified doctors kept away any satisfactory answer behind the disease.

My weakening health made me drop out from school in 5th grade. It caused a latent trauma. No school, no playground, no friends around. I felt melancholic. It made me depressed. When my family sent me to Delhi with a relative, I started working in a leather factory. I picked up the skills of leather craftsmanship. After a while, however I started missing my family and proper nourishment by my parents. I returned to my village for some time, until I went to Kolkata with one of my uncles. There, I decided to stay, while working as a leather crafter with the experience I brought from Delhi. The only thing I could wish for right now is our business to grow and enjoy the better payments we receive here. This makes our lives worth living and meaningful.

I would love it if we could start a sports club with our crafters. Relaxing and enjoying a game of chess or hand football will make me an even happier person. Maybe this is something I want to retrieve from the past. My illness took this away. On the other hand: it made me stronger. I am undeterred now.