Everyone can be a
Positive Icon

Positive icons use their unique character, talent or strength for a good cause. Whether they do this by buying sustainable fashion or by helping a friend in need.

Be inspired

At MYOMY do goods it is our mission to strengthen everyone who wears or works with MYOMY. Meet our inspiring community of makers, designers and customers who wear or make their MYOMY bag with pride.

And inspire others

Show the world that you can do good things just by being you. Inspire others by showing that doing good can be as simple as sharing your smile and bag with pride. Share your photo and spread your positivity – Together we can make the world a better place!

We invite you to become part
of our positive icons movement

In 3 simple steps you can join our positive icons movement


Tell us how you and your bag are doing good

Finish the sentence: I AM..… & I DO GOOD.


Wear your bag with pride and share your story!

Share your sentence with a picture of you and your favourite MYOMY bag on Instagram, Facebook or by sharing it with positiveicons@myomy.nl.


Inspire the world around you

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