Exchanging great inspiration is one thing, but we also want to reward the biggest positive icons in our community. MYOMY invites you to share your ‘do good’ story. Support MYOMY in her positive impact mission and inspire the people around you to make a difference. Together we can contribute to a better world. And you might be flying with us to India next year..

Dare to be a Positive Icon!

How do I participate?
Follow these simple steps to join the Positive Icons movement and you will be in the game of winning iconic prizes:

#1 Take a photo with your MYOMY bag
Check out the other positive icons on our website, Facebook and Instagram for inspiration. P.s. the photo needs to be vertical.

#2 Complete the sentence: ‘’I AM .... AND I DO GOOD’’
Explain to us why you chose this I AM sentence. It could be a long/short story or even in just one sentence (Dutch or English).

#3 Send your photo and ‘’I AM’’ sentence(s)
By mail to ‘’or share it on your Facebook and/or Instagram page, tag MYOMY do goods and use the following hashtags #MYOMYdogoods #PositiveIcons

MYOMY will share the most inspiring stories on her website and socials. Every month MYOMY will give away an iconic surprise to a positive icon. Also get the chance to win a trip to India (Oct. 2018) - the source of our positive impact. 

When you have send, or shared your picture and I AM sentence with us, we will transform your photo into a real Positive Icons portrait, just like the picture above. The most inspiring I AM’s will be selected and placed on our website and social media.

From all selected Positive Icons the jury will select the nominees who will compete in the last round. Now you are really close to winning the trip! We will ask the MYOMY community to vote for the winning story and picture. The trip to India will take place in October 2018.

Be inspired by other members of the MYOMY Community on our Instagram and Facebook and our Positive Icons blog with all the beautiful stories we collected.

Join the MYOMY Challenge and you might be flying with us to India next year.


What can I win?
Iconic people should win Iconic prizes with this Positive Icon movement. Join now and win:

1)     Every month one MYOMY gift box, including a Positive Icons T-shirt
2)     The big prize: a trip to India for you and your friend, together with MYOMY!

What are the rules?

  • Upload your unique photo and story to your Instagram and/or Facebook with your MYOMY bag, MAKE SURE your profile is public otherwise we will not be able to see your picture.
  • The picture you upload must be vertical.
  • Before you start writing your story, formulate your own ''I AM… AND I DO GOOD'' sentence.
  • Place the hashtags #PositiveIcons and #MYOMYdogoods with your post and tag us
  • You can participate multiple times during the MYOMY Challenge
  • Make sure you like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram

Terms and conditions:

  • To win the trip to India you must be 18 years or older. To win the other prizes you do not have to be 18 years or older but must have permission from your parents or guardian.
  • If you are one of the finalists, we will contact you for your picture in HR quality. The moment you send us your picture and story, you give us permission to use this picture for marketing purposes. By sending us your picture, you have to guarantee that the picture does not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties. This also means that we are not responsible for possible claims.
  • Everyone who is recognizable in the picture must agree to the terms and conditions of the MYOMY Challenge. We are not responsible for possible claims.
  • If you do not follow the rules of the MYOMY Challenge you will be disqualified.
  • MYOMY employees don’t make a chance to win prizes. They are participate for inspiration.
  • Please contact us if you joined the movement under the old conditions and have any questions.

Inspire others with your Positive Icons story, and win unique prizes!