Impact goals

MYOMY wants to make the world a better place by creating beautiful products. But we are just one link in the fair fashion chain. We need our community of partners, suppliers, artisans and users of the bags all around the world to achieve our mission. Only together we can make a better world. 

We believe as MYOMY we can inspire change in three ways:

1. By partnering with fair trade suppliers only to empower the artisans who make our bags with so much dedication and love
We have been working with Craft Resource Center (CRC) in Calcutta, India, since the very beginning. By only placing orders and partnering with this fair trade organisation at heart on the long term, we indirectly invest in the future of their artisans. When these artisans receive a fair income and other fair trade employment principles including overtime payments, safe working conditions, access to training and personal development, we empower them to have the freedom and self-confidence to make their own choices in life. This way, they will be an example for the next generation. This philosophy also goes for other producers we work with, including Netherlands-based i-did that gives people who have been on welfare for a longer period of time to find a new place in society. It is our goal to have created 200 full time jobs within the MYOMY production unit by 2020.

2. By working with suppliers that use sustainable raw materials and apply sustainable production methods to save the environment
Together with our production partners, we carefully select the materials used for the MYOMY collection on their sustainability profile. For example, all leather we use is sustainably tanned by a tannery that is certified by the Leather Working Group – an international body that aims to assess and ensure environmental compliance of leather manufacturers and that promotes sustainable environmental business practices within the leather industry. We apply this guiding principle also to other environmental aspects, including waste and energy. We ask our partners to recycle our waste within multiple stages of the production and to make use of natural drying and natural sunlight to reduce our energy footprint. It is our objective that by 2020 all our bags are made of 100% sustainable materials and will be shipped to our warehouse by sea only.

3. By promoting fair fashion and inspiring a conscious lifestyle amongst both retailers and consumers
The impact of our activities can be found on both ends of the supply chain – not only where our bags are being made. Our retailers also have a very important role to play. They are our fair fashion ambassadors. They can raise awareness about the impact of buying fashionable and sustainable products amongst our customers. Our customers, in turn, can cease the opportunity to actively join our fair fashion movement and inspire others by wearing our bags and sharing our story. In three years’ time, we want our Positive Icons community to have grown to 250.000 ambassadors.

Collabroration and production

Craft Resource Center has been MYOMY's main supplier for fair trade leather products since 2008. The important and valuable partnership creates a strong commitment, which is a beautiful blessing in today´s fashion industry. Together, we have grown in production, quality, brand and sales. The MYOMY do goods leather designs are handcrafted by local artisans in Kolkata, India. Created by producers that aim to contribute to a better world, by making quality products. The more bags we sell, the more opportunities we can offer to the artisans.
Every job we create generates income, education and healthcare for a family.

In 2015 i-did and MYOMY do goods started co-operating. The Utrecht, Netherlands based i-did helps people who have been on welfare for a longer period of time to find a true place of their own in the society. By teaching their participants sewing skills and mentoring them throughout everyday work practice, i-did empowers people to be fit for a job again. The MYOMY bags are made  of a beautiful and characteristic recycled felt, made of waste which gives a stylish second life to army uniforms, black fashion or uniforms from the healtcare industry.


The leather story

MYOMY uses the best quality full grain leather for your bag. Genuine leather has its natural heritage, of which the beauty cannot be compared by any other material. Over time, leather becomes even more lively and beautiful.
Every bag is different. The thickness and smoothness of the leather depends on the local Indian buffalo skins which are available at that time. The marks and scratches on the leather show that the animal has lived its life. This gives the bag an unique character and personality of its own.

MYOMY's leather is sustainably tanned, limiting the use of harmful substances to ensure safety for both the people and the environment.
By making use of natural drying, sunlight and collecting & recycling water from the monsoon; the impact on the enviroment is as small as possible. All leather is sustainably tanned by a Leather Working Group silver rated tannery.